Is HR a pivotal part of your Company’s DNA? Have you aligned your Business Goals to what is happening in the fast moving world of HR?  Have a quick HR Check to see where your business is at the moment with the following Topics:

  1. HR steps up and becomes a trusted partner in the Business

Align those HR Wish Lists to the main goals of the business (e.g putting in a performance review annually for all employees, find out what training is required, does this align with your workforce strategy??)

  1. HR Analytics

Use HR Data to back up why utilising and implementing HR strategies within the business actually do work. Data never lies. Having a HR System to compile date.  It is hard to make assumptions when you don’ have data, leaves to murky waters and less clarity. This area is extremely important if looking to compile your Gender Pay Report. In 2024 if you have 150+ employees you need to comply and in 2025 if you have 50+ employees.

  1. Focus on employee experience and well being

Staff Retention should be the main priority for all business leaders and owners. How do you do this? Make sure you have an employee experience culture within your business. Do your employees have options of Working from Home, more flexibility in their working hours, are they aware of all the Family Friendly leave that is available to them? Talk and listen to your employees.

  1. Future of Work

Where do you see your business heading into next year and beyond? Can it work on a 4-day week or do you find sticking to the norm works for your business? Something to start thinking about. There are benchmarks out there for you to do some R&D.

  1. Diversity & Inclusion

This should be already part of your Recruitment & Selection Strategy, if not start looking at your HR data from the previous recruitment drives that you have done. Even when it comes to promotion time. Is your workforce diverse and reflect your customer base?

If you feel like you want to move your business in a more HR centric strategic direction and would like some guidance and support, please get in touch with Core Resource today on 087 7743205 /