Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is at the heart of championing better work and working lives. And now, more than ever with the impact of global pandemic and COVID-19, we all recognise the importance of good health and wellbeing in today’s world and workplace.

Below are some tips that a business (small to large) can take on board to start listening, promoting and supporting their employees wellbeing.

  • Listening to your employees
  • Well Being Surveys
  • Creating a Wellbeing Plan from the Survey results
  • Supporting the Wellbeing Initiative
  • Have the plan led by Management (from the top down)
  • Look at your absenteeism rates and see if there is a link to supporting wellbeing
  • Look at your employee’s presentism (are they performing well at work as opposed to showing up?)
  • Having it ok to talk about mental health wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Creating a culture where no one is judged on openly talking about their mental health concerns
  • Be aware of the changes that can cause mental health problems (Financial worries, Health problems, work issues, life balances and isolation)

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