Spring Clean your Business by doing a quick Check List to see what needs a little tidying up and a bit of dusting off:

  • Have you developed a new Sick Pay Scheme Policy to meet the new sick pay entitlements for your employees? It is 3 days paid* leave for 2023.
  • Are you prepared to accommodate your staff to apply for Working from Home?
  • Are any of your employees “Carers (caring for a family member in their home setting)”? Are you prepared to accommodate these employees to apply for flexible working as well as for parents?
  • Have any of your employees received new terms of employment this year yet? Has this been communicated to them formally as per their terms of employment?
  • Have you updated your Probationary Period terms in your Employee Handbook?
  • Have you got employees approaching their retirement age? Do you want to have the retirement age left open or set to the agreed age in your Employee Handbook?
  • Have you considered developing a Family Matters section to your Employee Handbook to support any of your staff that are going through Menopause or Fertility Treatment?
  • Are you prepared for the new changes coming from Work Life Balance Misc. Provisions Bill.  The following is being introduced:
    • 5 days unpaid leave for medical care purposes for parents of children under 12, and carers
    • 5 days paid leave for victims of domestic violence
    • The right for all workers to request Remote Working
    • 2 years breastfeeding breaks
  • Do you think your office should limit meetings to set days of the week? For example, no Meetings on a Friday!
  • Is it an option to discuss with IT about setting a shut off for all employees on their workstations? Try and enforce the employees right to disconnect.

The above are some points that can be brought to the Management Meeting table for discussion and if any support or guidance is required please get in touch with me on 087 7743205 or by email on geraldine@coreresource.ie