Recruitment is having to adapt to the “new normal” as are all other operations within industries and businesses.

To survive, we all need to adapt and those that do will come out the other side.

Companies and Organisations still need to recruit in certain sectors and to do this companies and applicants are using more virtual applications to conduct what was once a physical presence to complete the interviewing process, thus creating a new culture for the company.

To do this, there needs to be new discipline’s put in place. Here are a few tips for applicants and employers to follow to create a new type of virtual recruitment policy:

  • Create a new Virtual Recruitment Policy & Procedures for the entire Interview Process.

  • Testing out of the chosen Video Application on both sides that will be used (Zoom, Skype, Google Hang out, etc) prior to the interview being conducted.
  • Have a Professional looking background to conduct the Interview.
  • Noise kept to a silence.
  • Time keeping being kept as punctual as a normal interview (with both start & end time).
  • Record the Interview (need to seek permission of applicant). (Some applications will have this feature).
  • This is the new normal so the more you want this to work, it will happen.
  • It is another way for your business to become more Lean and reducing waste at the same time (waste being your time and resources).

Watch my Video for the tips

If you are in the midst of a recruitment drive, Core Resource offers a virtual remote Recruitment Support Package to SME’s.

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