Culture matters because it offers a way for employees to understand their organisation, to voice their views, and to develop connections and common purpose.

Employers need to value your employees – the most valuable asset to your business – but how do you do this?

Below are some points that you can ask yourself as an employer or as a manager to see where your organisational culture is at:

• Do you nurture your relationships with your employees?

• Look at how you treat your employees – what you say and your body language has a dramatic effect on your employees

• Do you understand your employees (what are they currently going through e.g. bereavement, long Covid, etc)

• Are you recognising the work your employees are doing?

• Make employees feel valued – look at stressed out triggers – is this happening?

• Look at introducing Wellbeing Practices to assist workers from over working – disengage from work outside of work hours, for example; no meetings on Fridays, reducing meeting times and addressing if you need to be at every meeting, flexible working options

• Wellbeing increases productivity – finding the balance with what works for the business and the employees

• Leaders need to be role models (practice what you preach)

• Have you engaged with your employees (understand what worked and didn’t for the business during the pandemic)?

• Communicate – Sit with your team / employees and talk to them and listen (upwards as opposed to downwards)

• Do your employees feel like the fit in?


If any of these points are acting as a trigger to you to get more engaged with your employees, then this is something, Geraldine at Core Resource can support and guide your business with.


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