From 3rd July, all employees are entitled to a new Family Friendly Leave called, “Leave for Medical Care Purposes”.

Who Qualifies for the Leave?

  • a person of whom the employee is the relevant parent;
  • the spouse or civil partner of the employee;
  • the cohabitant of the employee;
  • a parent or grandparent of the employee;
  • a brother or sister of the employee;
  • who resides in the same household as the employee

How long is the Leave for?

Up to 5 days within a 12-month period

Is the leave paid or unpaid?

Unpaid Leave

How do employees apply for the leave?

Employees need to apply for the leave by completing a detailed form with all relevant information as required under the Work Life Balance & Misc Provsions Bill 2022

How do us as employers assess the leave?

Management need to put in place the following to comply with the new leave

  • Policy / Guidelines to Employees regarding the new leave
  • Application form for Employees to complete
  • Assessment for Management to approve / decline the leave
  • Admin letters to support your decision
  • Must be noted that all leave granted need to have a medical certificate accompanying the application for leave

If your business requires assistance with the new leave (policy and forms), please get in touch with Core Resource today on 087 7743205 and or