March 18th next, is being associated with those who lost their lives through Covid. This is something that employees would like support from the employers in their time of grief and allowances to be made. Many employees might have been working from home and would have missed out on the general support they may have got from their peers and management had bereavement happened during normal times. Businesses may be interested in supporting a commemoration and bereavement policy.

Suffering the loss of a family member, partner or friend can be a devastating experience, and grieving employees need to be treated with the utmost compassion and support in the workplace. Bereavement in the workplace can be challenging – employees may need to take time off unexpectedly, find their performance is impacted or be temporarily unable to perform certain roles. However, a compassionate and supportive approach demonstrates that the organisation values its employees, helps build commitment and is likely to reduce sickness absence and help retain employees.

Some points that need to be taken into consideration when drawing up a Policy:

  • Bereavement policies and support should be holistic, long term and take into account individual circumstances.
  • Employers should work to be knowledgeable about the law and bereavement, including parental bereavement leave and pay and emergency time off for family and dependants.
  • Employers should address health and safety obligations in relation to bereavement and avoid discrimination and address the risk of bullying.
  • An open culture of support helps people feel more comfortable raising any issues and asking for support. Communicate your approach and embed this culture of support.

If you would like more support and guidance on creating a Bereavement Policy, please get in touch with Geraldine on 087 7743205 or by email on